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  • Parks & Recreation is now hiring for seasonal parks maintenance staff, lifeguards, and swim instructors. More information can be found at
  • PET WASTE UPDATE: Volunteer Park was inspected on Aril 28th to evaluate the condition of the grounds. The Department has seen an increase in park stewardship and personal accountability in removing dog poop. Please note that while there was an improvement, staff picked up nearly 40 new piles of dog waste along the trail. It is just as critical to pick up your dog’s waste around the trail as it is in other common spaces.

    There are many health and safety reasons that encourage us to be responsible pet owners. Dog poop can host a plethora of bacteria and diseases, leading to illnesses in your pets and harmful side effects to humans. Dog poop is not a fertilizer, it does not breakdown quickly or easily, and it is against municipal law to leave dog poop behind in public spaces. Additionally, it costs considerable amounts of time and money to manage the issue if the public does not attend to it themselves.

    At this time, the park will remain open to dogs and their owners. The Department will continue to evaluate the condition of all parks on a weekly basis. If staff identify a lapse in progress, resulting in an unmanageable amount of waste the park may close for a temporary period to conduct a thorough cleaning of the grounds.

    Please make a commitment to clean up after your dog and encourage your neighbors to do the same.
  • Wrangell Parks & Recreation will be closed on Memorial Day (5/31/21).
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