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Winter Swim Lessons

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Learning the basics of swimming is just the first step to a lifetime of joy filled hours swimming in a pool, ocean, lake or river!

All instructors have been trained through the Jeff Ellis Swimming Instructor Course, ensuring a learn to swim season with consistent content, confident leaders and effective lessons. Our team will teach young swimmers the skills that build self-confidence in and out of the water, incorporating basics skills such as rhythmic breathing, body alignment and kick.

Our learn to swim program is designed to fit the specific needs of the students, including age and skill levels. Swimmers will be proud of their achievements and their ability to handle challenging situations with ease and dexterity. The skills gained can save lives, promoting overall health and wellness through safety, exercise and everyday play.

  • Class Dates: Tuesdays & Thursdays in February
  • Class Times: 5:15PM-5:45PM & 5:45PM-6:15PM
  • Fee: $50 per child
  • Age: 3-14 and whose mouth and nose come above the water’s surface in the kiddy pool.
  • Register: Online at or at the Pool Office
  • When registering online, you will need to choose the SWIM LEVEL appropriate for your child's ability. If you have questions about what level is most appropriate for your swimmer please call the pool office or email

  • By registering your child in Learn-to-Swim, you agree to adhere to the following rules and policies of the program.
  • Anyone arriving more than 15 minutes late to class will not be admitted to class.
  • Only students who are registered and paid will be admitted to class.
  • For the safety of your participant, only those actively participating in the program are permitted inside the enclosed pool area. Visiting children are welcome to observe from the lobby area.
  • Supervision of swimmers is not provided outside of class times. Parents and Guardians are asked to supervise their children when the class is finished.
  • Parents and guardians are asked to communicate any physical or mental conditions that may impact the swimmers overall experience in the class.
  • NO REFUNDS WILL BE GIVEN AFTER THE FIRST DAY OF CLASS. A $10.00 processing fee will be deducted from your re-fund if cancellation is made prior to the first day of class.
  • All pool and facility rules must be followed, including the Disciplinary Action Policy.

This is an introduction to water safety and basic water skills for children. The water exploration and safety lesson is meant to allow children to explore the water in a supervised and fun environment with the guidance of the swim instructor. Participants must at least 3 years old and free of separation anxiety.

Participants must demonstrate the ability to comfortably submerge the face beneath the waters surface for at least a few seconds with the support and assistance of the swim instructor. Participants must be at least 4 years old and free of separation anxiety.

This level has similar skills to the preschool level but pushes the participants to do more on their own and unassisted. The instructor position in this level is in the water within arm's reach of all participants. No prior experience is necessary, although participants should be able to submerged beneath the surface for a period up to ten seconds. Participants must be at least 5 years old and free from separation anxiety.

This class will build on the fundamental skills learned in the beginner class. In this level distances will increase and new strokes and skills are introduced. The entry level requirements for the advanced beginner are both age and skill based. Participants must be at least 6 years old, submerge beneath the water for up to 15 seconds and swim one width of the pool with rhythmic breathing.


1. What should we bring?
Swimmers will need a competitive style bathing suit/shorts and a towel for each lesson. Goggles are permitted.

2. How many children are in each class?
The maximum ratio for the classes is one instructor to six swimmers. Preschool is a 1:4 ratio.

3. How long are classes?
Entry level to intermediate classes are 30 minutes in length.

4. Is the facility open to the public during swimming lessons?
Yes! Winter swim lessons will be facilitated during our regularly scheduled evening lap swim.

5. Is there a lifeguard on duty during swimming lessons?
Yes, there is always a lifeguard on duty during swimming lessons.

6. What is the age range for swimming lessons?
Please see the activity guide for individual class descriptions and age requirements, as specific skills are different for every level. If your child does not fit into our published age ranges, please contact the pool office at 907-874-2444.

7. Is there a deadline to register for lessons?
Yes. The deadline to register is February 3rd, one day before lessons begin. This allows time for our team to organize swimmers and prepare for a successful session. If you have any questions regarding registration, please contact the pool office at 907-874-2444.

8. What happens if I’ve registered my child for the incorrect level?
We do evaluate each swimmer the first day of lessons to ensure that they have been placed in the correct level. We will do our best to move them to the appropriate level if necessary. However, please refer to the program content for detailed class descriptions before you register in order to maximize your swimmer’s swim lesson success.

9. Do I have to stay and watch lessons?
Yes. For the safety of your child, we ask that parents/guardians remain in the facility while swim lessons are being held. seating is available in the pool lobby, where lessons may be observed through the spectator glass.

10. Where do I sit during swim lessons?
Parents/Guardians can assist their swimmer in the locker room and to the deck, but we ask that they return to the lobby, which allows for less distraction throughout the lesson.

11. Does your facility have a no cell phone policy?
We do encourage parents/guardians to refrain from using their cell phones/iPads/laptops, other than for emergencies or to capture photos. It is our hope that parents/guardians enjoy watching the progress made throughout the swim lesson session.

12. What happens if I miss a class?
Unfortunately we do not provide make-up lessons.

13. Will my child have the same instructor every session?
Due to instructors’ personal schedules and the constantly changing enrollment, we cannot guarantee class schedules in advance. You are more than welcome to request an instructor; however, we cannot guarantee that request.

14. Is there a refund policy?
Yes, please see our activity guide for details regarding our refund policy. Please understand that we adhere to these guidelines and date when determining if a refund is warranted.

15. What is the temperature of the water?
The pool is kept between 81-83 degrees, with deck temperature ranging from 83-85 degrees.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact the pool office at 907-874-2444

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